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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul Watson Wants to Give You $50000 (but Refuses SPCA $25000)

Welcome my new readers from the Globe and Mail and Let me answer some of your questions:

Did Paul Watson really remove a reference to his $25000 offer after his headquarters in Friday Harbour hit the website

Yes. On February 4th this was the page, note the offer simply says "document" a seal eating a cod - not "hollywood style movie":

On February 5th, after Sea Shepherd headquarters hits this blog the page was chopped:

Why? Paul Watson is a liar. If that comes as a shock to you I suggest you are on the wrong blog. Being a Newfoundlander Paul Watson is more famous to me than to most of my honourable readers. I can tell you that Watson has taken nearly thirty years to admit one simple fact.

Seals eat cod.

At a famous confrontation between the good captain and a Newfoundland premier Paul Watson's insistance that Seals do not eat cod brought forth the exclaimation "There are millions of seals out their in the sea and they have to be eating something - it's no good to tell me they are eating turnip".

Thirty years, and now Watson mmmmay if pressured admit that Seals eat 3% cod in their diet. Although this number floats from 2 to 3 percent depending on what Watson is selling at the time.
Why does it matter? Of course seals are entitled to eat cod. Can't blame them I like a bit of Fee and Chee myself. Have at 'ere I say. The saddest part of the whole story is that it takes 30 years for Watson to allow his sheep the belief that seals eat a few cod.

It goes to good science. It is good science that lets us make sound ecological management decisions. Paul hinders good science. Extremists like Paul do only one thing - They sell an idea, a fantasy, at a premium dollar. Facts are free.

When pinned to a corner a rat is inclined to bite, and this old sea rat is the worse. Paul will change the rules, bend the rules or totally shit himself - whatever it takes to do that dance that he does so well. It appears I've managed to trip him - and hopefully some of his minions will see the emperor has no clothes. See him for what he is, a dancing fool in a flurry of bullshit.

Be sure to check out the new offer:

(I will post a screen grab, as Paul tends to change things as it suits him best.) Note the new offer is now $50,000.

There is easily 50 Grand there for anyone living by the sea. I say "easily" because the only thing that kept Mr. Noble's photo from being worth 25 grand was a video function on his 300mm lens.

Happy filming and good science to you all.

Sea Shepherd