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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another $15000 Video - Time to pay up!

When will Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society face the truth - seals eat cod. He has offered $15000 for evidence. Evidence that has been provided here over and over again.

Is he a man of truth and honour or is he trully motivated by deception. For him deception pays while truth costs - which will he choose?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Video Evidence

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul Watson Wants to Give You $50000 (but Refuses SPCA $25000)

Welcome my new readers from the Globe and Mail and Let me answer some of your questions:

Did Paul Watson really remove a reference to his $25000 offer after his headquarters in Friday Harbour hit the website

Yes. On February 4th this was the page, note the offer simply says "document" a seal eating a cod - not "hollywood style movie":

On February 5th, after Sea Shepherd headquarters hits this blog the page was chopped:

Why? Paul Watson is a liar. If that comes as a shock to you I suggest you are on the wrong blog. Being a Newfoundlander Paul Watson is more famous to me than to most of my honourable readers. I can tell you that Watson has taken nearly thirty years to admit one simple fact.

Seals eat cod.

At a famous confrontation between the good captain and a Newfoundland premier Paul Watson's insistance that Seals do not eat cod brought forth the exclaimation "There are millions of seals out their in the sea and they have to be eating something - it's no good to tell me they are eating turnip".

Thirty years, and now Watson mmmmay if pressured admit that Seals eat 3% cod in their diet. Although this number floats from 2 to 3 percent depending on what Watson is selling at the time.
Why does it matter? Of course seals are entitled to eat cod. Can't blame them I like a bit of Fee and Chee myself. Have at 'ere I say. The saddest part of the whole story is that it takes 30 years for Watson to allow his sheep the belief that seals eat a few cod.

It goes to good science. It is good science that lets us make sound ecological management decisions. Paul hinders good science. Extremists like Paul do only one thing - They sell an idea, a fantasy, at a premium dollar. Facts are free.

When pinned to a corner a rat is inclined to bite, and this old sea rat is the worse. Paul will change the rules, bend the rules or totally shit himself - whatever it takes to do that dance that he does so well. It appears I've managed to trip him - and hopefully some of his minions will see the emperor has no clothes. See him for what he is, a dancing fool in a flurry of bullshit.

Be sure to check out the new offer:

(I will post a screen grab, as Paul tends to change things as it suits him best.) Note the new offer is now $50,000.

There is easily 50 Grand there for anyone living by the sea. I say "easily" because the only thing that kept Mr. Noble's photo from being worth 25 grand was a video function on his 300mm lens.

Happy filming and good science to you all.

Sea Shepherd

Friday, May 08, 2009

There's a Reason E-U Sounds Like Disgust

There is much talk about the European Economic Union banning seal products from Canada.

What can you say about that really? To be judged by Spain and Portugal the land of the bull fights. The unsanctioned fox hunts of the UK. What is it to be judged by Italy and Germany the homes of Mussolini and Hitler. The boar hunters of Germany. The Culls of Buzzards in Austria. The raping of the Grand Banks by Spain, Portugal and Estonia (recent NAFO reports they are, too this day, overfishing by 70%). The fashion houses of Italy and France that use fur of all types. France that has the blood of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians keeping the grass green over the fields of Beaumont Hamel...

What is it like having a ban on seal products from these countries? I would say it is a little like banning roses from being thrown into a pile of shit for fear they will smell.

Self Righteous Hypocrites. But hey - no one is talking about Bull Fights these days are they? If you walk into a room with your pants down how do you get people to look the other way? Apparently the EU have it figured out.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An End to the Hunt... because?!

Why end the seal hunt?

...Because no one should be allowed to club a little white baby seal!

Newfoundland and Labrador uses rifles not clubs or hakapiks, and the whitecoat pup is not killed and hasn't been for many years.

...But the hunt still kills baby seals less than three months old!

If this is the criteria for proposing an end to the hunt then there will follow a ban on a great number of globally consumed items including chicken, veal and lamb.

Lamb refers to young sheep aging from one week to about eight months. Hothouse lamb is one to two weeks old. Baby lamb is four to six weeks old. Regular lamb supermarket variety lamb which includes the oily and less palatable mutton is six weeks to one year in age.

Milk-fed veal comes from not yet weaned calves up to three months old. Formula-fed calves may be up to four months old. Bob veal comes from calves only one month old.

Chickens are reared until they reach about 12 weeks old. Conventional supermarket variety chickens are slaughtered at 6 weeks old.

...the hunt is inhumane!

The seal hunt has been proven to be a humane hunt in keeping with and in fact an improvement on slaughterhouse techniques. The seal hunt has also shown a willingness to grow and adapt to methods which ensure a more humane hunt. If inhumane killing is the reason to end the hunt then the industry would adapt to any recommendations made my veterinary groups as they have in the past.

...The hunt is not sustainable!

The herd has grown 300% in thirty years. Only a fraction of the animals are taken as they would in any inland wildlife hunt.

...It is the "Largest Slaughter of Marine Mammals in the World"!

Six Million seals in close proximity off Northern Newfoundland Eastern Labrador. "The Front" is a population of marine mammals which is unprecedented on the globe. The fact that such a large hunt that still sustains the numbers points to its enormous population size.

...Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are cruel barbarians!

What sensible human being can believe that the Newfoundlander or Labradorian is any less of a person than themselves! This is the most despicable argument perpetrated by hate mongers like capt. Paul. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are some of the most kindhearted people in the world. People from all over visit and eventually stay here because they've found something unique in the world. The province hosted thousands of stranded passengers when planes were grounded on 9/11. An American gentleman rescued from a shipwreck when he was a youth credits Newfoundlanders and Labradorians as the first people that made him feel like he was an equal when the colour of his skin was not an issue with the locals who took him in and nursed him back to health. The poorest province has the highest in charity. The Newfoundland and Labrador character is one of the friendliest, most charitable, and compassionate people in the world. Ask someone who has been there. Other than Capt. Paul.

...Seals are only killed for fur, the meat is not eaten.

The seal can and should be utilized 100%. The coat makes a high quality fur, and leather. The thick fat reserves can be used for anything from a source of Omega-3 health supplement to oils and soaps to bio fuel. In fact the oils have been used traditionally in small stone lanterns for heat and light. The flippers and body are a local delicacy and enjoyed by a great number of people. The remainer can be used as feed and pet food at the very low end of possible use. Currently the protest groups themselves have hampered any efforts to make effective use of the protein biomass. The protest groups create a self-fulfilling prophesy which benefits only their own bottom line.

...The seal hunt is not the primary income of the fisherman and it not necessary to their living!

Fisherman are seasonal workers and have been for generations. Typically income from the seal hunt is an important part of an annual salary which may include other sources of income in other seasons, cod, crab, capelin, plant work, farming- the list of a fisherman's yearly duties is long. Each one essential to his/her total income for the year.

...If all of this is true why then is the anti-sealing movement so strong?

The seal protest movement is enormously well funded. There is multitudes more money made from donations to seal hunt protest groups than is ever made on the seal hunt itself. The reason people donate is simple, a photo of a whitecoat elicits an emotional response. IFAW, Seashepherd, HSUS all prominently use the image of a seal in their logos, marketing campaigns and appeals for money. In the end a simple photo of a cute whitecoat seal can not be rivaled by any photo of a fishermen's family. No other meat or fur production on the whole globe is as publicly displayed as the seal hunt off Newfoundland and Labrador.

The seal hunt movement focuses on Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. It does not make any attempts to isolate any native groups in any way, in fact the EU ban has exemptions for native hunts. It also rarely mentions other hunts including in the US. Few realize that seals are hunted in America. Why is this so? The Newfoundland and Labrador people are an easy target, only a half-million people in total on the island and in Labrador. The province itself is the poorest in Canada and weakly supported by the federal government because it has only 7 seats of 308 in parliament, the seal hunt being federal jurisdiction means that support must come federally to be effective.

Largely unopposed the machine of influence that is the marketing campaigns of the IFAW, Sea Shepherd, HSUS etc. run amok.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sea Shepherd Blog Lays Claim for $25000 Reward

Seals eat the soft bellies of cod fish. This is a fact that
Newfoundlanders and Labradorian fishermen have made claim to for a long time.
For years fishermen have witnessed seals eating the bellies of codfish and have shown the remains of carcasses of codfish with bellies removed. We have seen seals swarming schools of codfish, we have seen codfish torn apart by seals, their bellies removed.

The proof of this has been elusive though. Showing seals among codfish does not proof they rip their bellies open. Showing the resulting codfish with the bellies chewed free does not proof that the seals in fact did the deed. In addition the contents of a seals stomach cannot be easily investigated to proof the point since the soft bellies and liver of the codfish are so quickly broken down by the seals digestive system. In fact the only real evidence that any marine organism is eating a codfish would be the presence of the otiliths, small dense bonelike formations in the cod's skull that persist for a time in the stomach of its predator. In fact craftspeople make earrings out of these otiliths, like tiny jewels. If the seals don't eat the heads - no otiliths. So there's the catch to anyone making a claim that seals destroy cod by eating there soft underbelly. So confident is Paul Watson in the difficulty to pose any reliable proof that seals are a destructive factor in cod populations that he has made a long standing offer of reward of $25000 for proof.

Today Seashepherd blog is making claim for the $25000 and offering proof for the public to witness in the photo above.

Seashepherd blog upon receive of the reward money will not accept any financial benefit for our own part in submitting this proof. Instead we will donate half the reward for the photographer and the families of sealers who have had a poor year on the hunt, to be offered to the sealers association for distribution of the funds and the remaining $12500 SeaShepherd blog will donate to the SPCA charities across Newfoundland and Labrador for their valuable and underfunded efforts in their work.

I have e-mailed the Good Capt. with instructions and an address to send the cheque to.

Close attention to the photo will show what fishermen have been saying for years. Notice how the seal is tearing the soft white flesh of the cod's belly, pulling it apart in his teeth. Notice how the cod fish has already been stripped up the the head, the seal in effect trimming the cod's belly away like you would eat an ear of corn. Undeniable even for the most stubborn skeptic. The article described exactly as Newfoundland and Labrador fishermen have been observing for decades, that the smaller fish are eaten whole, and the larger fish picked clean. "They eat all the parts that we wouldn't" leaving the meat of the fish.

The dining habits of the seal on cod fish is important to the ecology of the cod because there has been a substantial decrease in the numbers of larger cod. Eating only the bellies means that larger cod that would have larger amounts of spawn in addition to being a genetically larger and stronger breed are destroyed instead.

I have e-mailed Paul with an instructions and address where the $25000
can be sent.

Paul repeats his offer here:
Captain Watson: No, you saw a news report that said that and you did not
see any seals that were engaged in ripping the stomachs out of cod and
leaving the gutted bodies behind. You did not see it because there has
never been any film of it. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has had
a standing offer to pay $25,000 to any person who can document a harp
seal ripping the stomach out of a cod and leaving the body behind.
Photo source is here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Farley Bails

Farley bails the SS from the slammer. Wearing his official SS gear he does his interviews and says he stands with the Eco-Terrorists in their actions. Of course if I had a 54metre Bill Board I might be inclined to throw a few bucks to get it sailing again too.

(Remember the Saturday Night Magazine article which exposed Mr. Mowat as a liar of gianormous scale. The cover had Mowat with a growing nose a la pinocchio! He does share some charactistics with Paul doesn't he? Short, fat, shaggy, grey, unkempt and hypocritical. If you have these qualities contact the SS, there may be an opening.)