The Sea Shepherd

Friday, May 08, 2009

There's a Reason E-U Sounds Like Disgust

There is much talk about the European Economic Union banning seal products from Canada.

What can you say about that really? To be judged by Spain and Portugal the land of the bull fights. The unsanctioned fox hunts of the UK. What is it to be judged by Italy and Germany the homes of Mussolini and Hitler. The boar hunters of Germany. The Culls of Buzzards in Austria. The raping of the Grand Banks by Spain, Portugal and Estonia (recent NAFO reports they are, too this day, overfishing by 70%). The fashion houses of Italy and France that use fur of all types. France that has the blood of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians keeping the grass green over the fields of Beaumont Hamel...

What is it like having a ban on seal products from these countries? I would say it is a little like banning roses from being thrown into a pile of shit for fear they will smell.

Self Righteous Hypocrites. But hey - no one is talking about Bull Fights these days are they? If you walk into a room with your pants down how do you get people to look the other way? Apparently the EU have it figured out.