The Sea Shepherd

Monday, March 31, 2008

Mowat - Still Crying Wolf

Farley Mowat is the Canadian author who was publicly embarrassed in 1996 by Saturday Night Magazine who outed him in being one of Canadian greatest liars. Among his claims being that he was responsible for the great scientific discovery that a wolf's diet in Winter is supplemented greatly by small rodents. In fact the knowledge of the dietary staple of Wolves was long known before the great Farley Mowat spent his working vacation in the North and wrote "Never Cry Wolf".

It is entirely fitting that Canada's second greatest deceiver Capt. Paul should adopt the name of Farley Mowat to be the flagship of his deception campaign.

Question is What will happen to Paul for his love-rub with the Canadian Coast Guard ship? What should happen? Where would the Farley Mowat be right now if Paul attempted something like that with an American Vessel in the other Gulf. I suggest Paul would be more intimately acquainted with the sea than he ever cared to be. Paul's next tug should be named more directly "The SS Lying Bastard".

Paul has an awful lot of people supposedly ramming his vessel doesn't he? Either he has the Captain of the Exxon Valdez at the Helm or he is deliberately charging vessels in an attempt at Environmental Terrorism. That couldn't be could it? Is terrorism acceptable in the polite British Colony of Canada? Time to send this nuisance to Guantánamo.