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Monday, June 11, 2007

More Words from the Gospel According to Paul

SeaShepherd: This is an article that Paul ominously calls...

Trading Fighting Words with an Advocate of Death
Shepherd: (It’s fun to read that in the voice of Vincent Price)

Columnist Ed Smith: I know what you're thinking. We've been over this ground before, Smith, so give it a rest. The likes of Paul Watson doesn't bear thinking about anymore, let alone get upset about.

(Captain Paul Watson: They have been saying this for thee decades yet they still keep whining and writing about me. And I don’t think there is any doubt that I upset them. Like Ed here. He seems a trifle upset. But Ed is a little smarter than your average seal killing Newfoundlander. He actually recognizes that we are making progress in our efforts to abolish sealing.)

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: The Watson Crew has been saying this for three decades – yet as you can see they still keep whining and writing about us. I don’t think there is any doubt that we upset him. Like Paul here. He seems a trifle upset. Too bad Paul is not a little smarter than your average Newfoundlander. He refuses to see that he is a complete and utter failure at everything he has ever tried to accomplish.

Columnist Ed Smith: ... people like Paul Watson make a career and a fortune on other peoples' backs, whatever the cost to them.

(Captain Paul Watson: Great endorsement Ed. I love that. Thank-you. Ed is admitting that the economic pressure is having an impact. Now I really wish the 2nd part was true. So far I’ve not seen much sign of the fortune that I have supposedly been making. The myth in Newfoundland is that anyone who opposes killing seals is reaping in tons of money from the campaign to oppose sealing. I wish. We could use more money to operate our vessels to protect fish, seals, seabirds, turtles and whales.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: May a humbly suggest to the reader that in fact Paul’s finances are available for all to see. An article for your consideration is here.

Paul continued... But my suggestion to the sealers is that if there is so much money being made from saving seals and so little being made from killing them, would it not be wiser to switch jobs and to start saving seals rather than to kill them. Go where ye think the money is b’yes and stop wasting your time on a lowlife, low-paying, low self esteem, barbaric and ignorant life style.)

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: This is what Paul likes to do when logic and fact fail him. Like the highschool bully he throws insults and attempts to mock the dialect. Ask yourself kind reader – at what point in your life did you move beyond this silly playground-style display? Quite some years ago I would guess. In Newfoundland we call this style of character a cracky-dog. A small dog with a yappy irritating bark – but nothing in the way of teeth.

Columnist Ed Smith: Mr. Watson seems to get a kick out of distress, other people's distress, that is. We've all seen examples aplenty of that. Where there isn't enough distress for his liking, he'll make heroic efforts to cause more.

Paully Watson: Ed I do indeed get a kick out of seeing seal killers in distress. I take great pleasure and joy in seeing them trapped in the ice and unable to reach their innocent victims. Yes I do, I most surely do. I would rather get my kicks watching sealers sitting idle on the ice than to watch them kicking seals in the head and skinning them alive and before you go on about how humane the bloody hunt is, stow it, because I’ve seen it, for thirty years I’ve seen the grossest and most despicable cruelty imaginable out there on those hellish ice floes. I have zero sympathy for the sealers and total sympathy for their victims.

Columnist Ed Smith: Lots of distressing things happening in this terrible old world. Apart from the unspeakable tragedy at Virginia Tech last week, men, women and children, civilians and soldiers are being slaughtered and raped wholesale in almost every part of this world. Lots of places for Brother Watson to find injustice and barbarism in man's inhumanity to man.

Paully Watson: Translation is that I have no right to oppose cruelty and slaughter to seals because some wacko shoots some students in Virginia. Let me see, I’ve taken aid supplies on my ships to Africa and to South America which is probably more than Ed Smith has done to aid humans in need.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: Truthfully Paul has done next to nothing to aid human’s. He likes to speak about the same things over and over. He has done just enough in a variety of activist roles to place him in that time and place. He will tell you he is a founder of Greenpeace, a veteran of Wounded Knee, and now an aid worker in Africa and South America. Do some research – all of the people who have been involved and are the true champions of these causes have completely disassociated themselves from this dismal failure of an activist Paul Watson.

Paully again: Whatever you do in this world, some moronic critic will ask you why you’re not doing something else. Ed, you have a job and that is to write silly editorials for relatively minor publications.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: ...and apparently Paul’s lot in life is to write silly commentary for even less significant publications. Paul has become an armchair activist. Does the Farley Mowat even have her hull dampened this year?

Columnist Ed Smith: The great Stephen Lewis finds it in the AIDS epidemic in Africa , as do so many others. We have a good friend who probably weighs 90 pounds on a wet day who by herself is operating a Christian mission school in Haiti where her life is threatened almost daily.

Watson: All power to Stephen Lewis and his efforts to fight AIDS in Africa or to people helping people around the world. But why is that the reason for me or anyone else to tolerate cruelty and slaughter to innocent creatures to provide a vain luxury product for insensitive hominid slobs. Ed, perhaps man’s inhumanity to man might begin with a firm foundation of kindness by eliminating man’s inhumanity to animals.

Canadian soldiers find injustice and suffering in Afghanistan halfway around the world, and are fighting and dying for the rights of people there. It's when I think of people like the two soldiers being buried last week, and our friend Karen, that even the thought of people like Paul Watson turns my stomach.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: This illustrates the fundamental difference between Paul and Newfoundland and Labradorians. A Newfoundland and Labradorian’s interest turns first to compassion. We recognize man’s inhumanity to man and we fight against it. We recognize that it is hate that is the ruination of this world. Hate of the style of Paul Watson has to fellow humans. Hate that you can read in his words whenever he references a Newfoundland and Labradorian. Newfoundland and Labradorians have throughout history saved so many souls in trouble. Aid relief to third world countries, fish to the prairies during times of recession and drought, our hospitality to the stranded passengers on 9/11, we are the highest per capita contributors to charity. By comparison Paul enjoys the human misery of seeing stranded boats, and when a man’s livlihood is destroyed. Indeed in this very commentary he quotes “I rooted for the storm in the movie “A Perfect Storm”.
Does anyone think this man truly has the faculty of his senses?

World's fattest Vegan: Canadian soldiers have no business in Afghanistan where they are occupiers fighting and dying for the oil companies and opium growers. I would rather fight to protect the rights of seals and whales than the “rights” of petro-corporations. Believe the lie about fighting for human rights in Afghanistan if you wish Ed, but why are these soldiers not fighting for human rights in Darfur , Zimbabwe , China , or a hundred other places more deserving of attention than Afghanistan ? Human rights! Rights for the humans if the price is right more like it.

Columnist Ed Smith: Watson isn't fighting for the rights of the people in Afghanistan , or the poor and ignorant in Haiti , or the AIDS-orphaned children in Africa . These are distresses he chooses to ignore. Watson is fighting Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and their right to hunt the seal in the spring as our forefathers have done for five centuries.

Captain Paul Watson: Well Ed ignores the fact that I did bring aid supplies to Africa and to South America and I did human rights work in Cambodia in the past. But I am from the Maritimes and I find it shameful that my people are engaged in wholesale cruelty and slaughter not to mention devastating over-fishing and environmental destruction. I have an obligation to address these issues in my own country and region. No Ed, I’m not fighting for the rights of people in Afghanistan . Other people are, or at least pretending to be. I’m fighting for the survival of aquatic species and I’m fighting for the rights of these species to be allowed to live harmoniously on this planet without some deranged ape sticking a harpoon in their back or bashing in their newborn brains.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: Physician heal thyself. Why do you feel the fight in Afghanistan is less than worthy of attention while you yourself chooses to first and foremost “fight” for the harp seal. A species that is not in any danger of population decline and is in fact thriving. If you see that the soldiers in Afghanistan can better be used in Darfur, Zimbabwe or China – why then do you choose a healthy population of marine mammals as your poster child we there are so many species in DIRE need of help. Is is possible that the motivation of money and hatred of Newfoundland and Labradorians supercedes your animal rights activism?
A fishing vessel, the means of livelihood to several people, burns to the water and Watson, on the assumption that someone may have set fire to the boat, gleefully calls that someone a hero. Could anyone with any sense of justice and fair play characterize an arsonist as a hero who would destroy the means by which several families made a living?

Columnist Ed Smith: No, but Paul Watson could.

Wa's his name: What you see as a means of livelihood, I see as an implement of marine destruction Ed. I rejoice with every fishing boat, whaler or sealing boat sunk and lost. I rooted for the storm in the movie The Perfect Storm.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: You thought I was joking about The Perfect Storm quote didn’t you.

Columnist Ed Smith: So now we have upwards of a hundred vessels and 500 people at the mercy of the pack ice. Hopefully they'll be free by the time you read this but the damage will have been done by then. Could any person, realizing the courage of these hunters who know what they're up against the moment they leave harbour, see them as anything but totally heroic figures?

No, but Paul Watson can.

Captain Paul Watson: Isn’t it wonderful Ed. It made my day, my week, my month. Especially seeing them pathetically begging for smokes to feed their addiction. Loved it Ed, loved every minute of it. Heroic figures! Give me a break. They are dirty baby seal bashing thugs. To call a seal killer a hero is to cast a stench over the name and to sully it with associations that are so sinisterly vile that it is sickening to even contemplate. Heroes, hardly Ed, only in the most warped of minds can such barbarous sadistic creeps like these sealers be considered heroes.
Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: Keep in mind he rooted for the Storm!!

Columnist Ed Smith: I once shook Paul Watson's hand. I did it not knowing what he stood for and having no idea of what he would achieve at the expense of my brothers and sisters who hunt the seal. Now every night I feel like washing those hands in Gillette's lye. I'm paralyzed, remember. Wouldn't feel a thing.

Captain Paul Watson: I don’t recall shaking Ed’s hand. I was never running for office in Newfoundland . I’ve always opposed the seal hunt so if he met me in Newfoundland it had to be my capacity as someone who opposed the slaughter.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: Come now Paul – let’s tell your sheep the truth. You have been in Newfoundland and Labrador for far more reasons than “running for office”. There was a time you understood the pride that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have and you were a wanna-be Newfoundlander. Your ship parked on the South Side. You did the campus and speakers circuit. You did you bids for funding for various hair-brained schemes. You were unemployed and desolate with the boot-prints of Greenpeace still marking your backside. How quickly we forget.

Paul: The last line in the above paragraph makes little sense Ed. What are you saying? I am flattered that you think of me every night and that I am the reason you keep up with your personal hygiene.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: Let me help you out Paul. Mr. Smith is saying he would rather strip the prints from his palms with Lye than shake your hand again. You wish death and destruction on our people and spew hatred. The great enigma that defines your life is that you can claim to run a group based on compassion while being without compassion yourself.

St. Paul the benevolent: What this means is that we the Shepherds are protecting the Lamb of God and you are on the side of the demons turning the peaceful, pristine white paradise of the ice nurseries into a blood drenched, screaming hell where the unimaginable cruelties inflicted on the ice against innocent creatures bellows to the entire world just how barbaric and evil mankind can be.

You side with the demons who torture and kill and I side with beauty and innocence.
I’m on the side of the angels Ed and you, well you’ve cast your lot with the lowlifes and the thugs and the cruel imps of Satan.

Your choice but you know I sleep very well at night with the choice I’ve made.

Sea Shepherd Editor’s Notes: Now apparently Paul is devinely inspired in his quest. Was he so in tune with God when he said of a lady in the US who dared to post a DFO link about sealing: "you are a very heartless and insensitve person, but then again you're a ridiculous Jesus freak so it makes sense."

(And then his usual list of self-proclaimed questionable accomplishments. What a marvelous fellow this Watson man is.)

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President chief cook and bottle washer of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (1977-
Co-Founder, but kicked out of- The Greenpeace Foundation (1972)
Co-Founder, got the boots bigtime - Greenpeace International (1979)
Director of the Sierra Club USA – kindly asked to leave (2003-2006)
Director - The Farley Mowat Prostitute
Director -
Cure for Cancer 1989
Invented Silly-String
Boy Scout Junior Achiever 1976
Got an “A” in Math once, Grade 4
Tel: 360-370-5650
Friday Harbor , Washington