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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Cowardice of Terrorism - The Tactics of Paul Watson

It scares me when I read the words of the malevolent Capt. Paul Watson. It scares me, not because of this particular gentleman - but because of the power I know his words can hold. That power is one that is familar to us as residents of this blue and green planet. Those who possess that rare influence - not in their specific actions but in their ability to incite hatred into the hearts of others. The same tone of cowardice that rings familiar to the writings of people like Charles Manson, of Jim Jones, and David Koresh. Those who have left a stain on the history of man - not because of their own innate evil - but in their ability to call that evil out from the darkness in the heart of their followers. We have seen its example far too many times.

Very recently this fear was awakened in me again from Paul when he wrote of the destruction of a man's fishing vessel; the instrument of this man's livelihood:

"The seals got a little satisfaction this week-end with the burning, sinking and total destruction of the Newfoundland registered 65-foot sealing boat at dockside in Port au Choix, Newfoundland...

“It is obvious that the vessel was a target of opportunity,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Boats just don’t catch fire in the middle of the night by accident.”

The owner of the vessel had brought the ship into port to “take another shot at the seals,” he said.“While it looks as if someone has taken a shot at him instead,” commented Captain Watson.

He then goes on to praise the alleged terrorist attack:

"Many lives will be spared because of this sinking and one less sealing boat on the seas is an even better thing. Who ever did this is a hero as far as I’m concerned.”

... but is very quick to deflect blame from himself:

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was not involved directly or indirectly with this incident. Captain Watson is banned from entering Newfoundland or the areas near the seal slaughter.

Canada - the greatest country in the world - accepts this man with open arms. This man has said in no uncertain terms that he has hatred in his heart. The force of his campaign is in no small part driven by his loathing for all who inhabit the province of Newfoundland and Labrador:

"I have relatives in all parts of Canada except Newfoundland and for that I am greatful... Newfoundland is a place where priests rape orphans... they debased Canada when they joined in 1949"

But Paul remains a role model for many in the environmental movement. The Sierra Club of Canada is a highly respected environmental group with an international reputation. Their guest speaker last June was none-other than Mr. Watson whose speech received great applause.

What is not widely known from that speech is the level of discomfort among just a few in the crowd. The few that know Paul more closely. Those who, like GreenPeace, recognized in him the ability to destroy without remorse and incite evil in others without accepting consequences. The few that know him for inciting blatant hatred against the peoples of some first nations and against the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Indeed GreenPeace itself (which Paul still touts on his Curriculum Vitae) was so worried that Paul was capable of extremism that it gave him the boot very early in his career.

The trully terrifying part is not the silver-haired little-big-man but the dark armies he commands. These faceless demons who have written of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians "I hope someone skins your child alive in front of you and makes you watch" and "I would like to pull your heart from your chest because you aren't using it anyway". These are the dehumanized product of Paul's making. These are the children of the Family Watson. Not so far removed from the followers of humanitys darkest cults.

He has built his popular appeal among the rich and famous while condemning the poor and oppressed. He stands on the backs of the sheep who would be his followers and throws hatred. It is allowed because in Canada hatred against some specific groups is still socially accepted.

My appeal is to the would-be sheep. Use your common logic - Paul is no hero.