The Sea Shepherd

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away

This is the story of Paul and the Sheep. Paul was known far and wide and commanded an audience whereever he would roam. His face was seen on television screens and magazines all over this great land. Hugging a seal, calling for compassion. The picture of Paul with his teary-eyed furry friends brought Paul great wealth and fame. He grew a flock of sheep who also wanted to hug and love and show compassion. But Paul had a dark secret. Outwordly Paul preached compassion, but the real Paul had a dark and hateful heart. His flock became an organization that could not defend itself on the merits of its own philosophy. It was an organization that claimed to be based on compassion but incited hatred against a group of people. The flock was overtaken by hypocrites and racists.

With their moral core corrupted with darkness Paul's Flock had to lie and cheat putting on a false front for the media. In the absense of science and logical evidence they turned to what they did best. Skewing the public perception of the scientific and logical evidence. Public opinion is everything. Media controls the world.

Paul's Pals had the media harnessed, how could they now control the people?
In the absence of good sound scientific evidence how can they get in people's
heads? Paul rubbed his chin, he scratched his shin, he smiled then paused and smiled again.

"Of Course" - he laughed! "Elementary my dear Watson - we poison the sheep with the perception that the very people they will campaign against are inherently evil. My sheep we are battling EVIL itself. Evil in the form of a simple fisherman working to feed and clothe his family. Evil incarnate!"

And the sheep ate at the troughs unaware of the poison that their Shepherd had mixed with their grain.

That my dear friends is what Racism is about.

The moral of the story: There are lots of great environmental groups, animals and environmental issues that need your attention. This seal hunt and this hateful group doesn't deserve your attention, your time or your money. Don't be a sheep.