The Sea Shepherd

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Great Comb-Over

What ever became of the great alternative plan by the good captain to harvest the moulted seal fur for commerical markets? According to DFO the permit was granted and there are photos of the Captain with a a Ziploc of fur. Why was this not successful? Surely the good Captain could have called upon the bankroll of an ex-beatle or aging star to fund this little venture?

The news release suggested "The SS has successfully found an economic alternative to the seal slaughter. Seal fur brushed off molting juveniles is highly-prized in Europe where it is used as filler for bed comforters and sleeping bags. SS was granted a permit from the Canadian government to brush as many as 8000 young seals. Brushing 30 seals produces a kilogram of fine fur, worth $30 Canadian.

That comes to a buck a seal. I'm guessing it takes quite a bit of time to give a seal pup the old wash and dry. So the great alternative is taking a half an hour or so to comb a seal pup for a grand total of $1. The present hunt commands about $100 per pelt.

Great alternative Captain. You're don't have a business degree I'm guessing. I encourage the captain to pursue this on his own dime...

(Pssst. This is just a rumour but apparently the fur that he supposedly sold to Commerical markets was used entirely in the making of his hairpiece. Judge for yourself - is that human hair? The word is you can get your own Official SS Comb-Dome Rug for about $150,000 American.)