The Sea Shepherd

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Taste of the Season - Ba-da Bop Bop Baaaa I'm Loving it!

Since MacDonalds Newfoundland and Labrador announced the introduction of the McFlipper Pie earlier this year reaction has been anything but moderate.

MacDonalds has never shyed away from catering to local markets. The introduction of Pizza was announced with great fan-fare and offered up on a trial basis to the Canadian Market. Although it met with reasonable success the infrastructure to maintain fast order pizza ovens and pizza supplies for a limited market proved to be more trouble than it was worth. Another example of the "tuning in to the local taste" is the Altantic Canadian introduction of the MacLobster sandwich that was trialed for a few summers in the Atlantic Provinces. But it is this year's sensation that has everyone talking.

In March 2006 - to a very uncharacteristicly quite marketing campaign MacDonald's introduced the MacFlipper Pie. Some animal rights groups were shocked saying "They have MacDonald's in Newfoundland?" The marketing for the MaCFlipper claims it took Four Grandmothers arguing for Four Monthes before the final recipe was decided on. They claim it has all the great taste you remember without driving the pastor from the house with the funk.

A spokesman for MacDonald's Newfoundland hopes it has great success in the upcoming tourist season among tourists who really want to sample the local flavour. He feels that by making use of the Seal Meat in a commerical way MacDonalds is helping the local economy by finding a much needed market for the product, which he claims is "better for you that beef, very high in protein". On the heels of the success of last summer's MacScrunchions and Cod Tongues MacDonalds are pleased to be partnering with local harvesters.